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Fiscal Responsibility and Limited Government

I am a fiscal conservative and a fierce proponent of limited government. As your councilman, I use my business experience to help the city be more efficient with precious taxpayer dollars. I also firmly believe that government closest to the people is the most responsive and effective form of government. I am a strong proponent of local control. Locally elected officials from our community are in the best position to respond to the needs of its residents. As your councilman, I fight to ensure our community can determine its future.

Public Safety & Law Enforcement

I’m incredibly grateful for the men and women of the Riverton Police Department and Unified Fire Authority - Riverton who serve our community day in and day out. Public safety is the primary role of government and a basic expectation of taxpayers. As a member of the Riverton City Council, I advocate for funding structures of essential public safety services that ensures those services are efficient, respond to the needs of residents in a timely manner, and provide value equal to the amount of money Riverton pays for the services. In my first month on the council, I made a point to visit each fire station that serves our community and take a ride along with one of our police officers. I have seen firsthand the dedication and professionalism with which our officers and firefighters serve our city. I have immense respect for all who serve in emergency services and law enforcement and thank them for their service.

Transportation & Infrastructure

Our community has seen tremendous growth over the past decade. Growth, transportation and infrastructure impact us all, which is why these issues are a priority for me as your councilman. In fact, connectivity and infrastructure are one of the city’s four strategic priorities.

I am committed to finding ways to improve east-west connectivity in our city. This is especially a concern for those of us who live in the western part of Riverton. As your councilman, I am also engaged with our neighboring cities because I know that people live, work and shop across city boundaries. Given how interconnected our communities are, it is essential that we work together to improve transportation and infrastructure throughout our corner of Salt Lake County.

As your councilman, I have fought for increased transportation and infrastructure funding for our community at the state and county level, and our city has been successful in those efforts. I am also committed to ensuring the people of our community can safely travel around our Riverton by a variety of means, whether that is by car, bike, on foot or through public transit. Responsible growth, diverse and updated transportation networks and modern infrastructure have direct benefits to the lives of people, businesses and the overall economy and impact our quality of life. I am committed to increasing the total amount of infrastructure investment in our community, while delivering better transportation outcomes for all of us.

Communications & Transparency

As your councilman, I am committed to ensuring effective and consistent communication with you and am a champion of public accountability and transparency in city government. Since taking office in January of 2023, I have worked to enhance communication and outreach with residents about a wide variety of happenings, developments, and opportunities within Riverton. I have pushed for increased transparency and proactive outreach to residents on major road repairs and development projects. Two-way communication is the key to ensuring the actions by city leaders to shape our future are reflective of the will of the people. That is why I regularly seek feedback from residents through town hall meetings, small group discussions with residents, and one-on-one conversations, emails, and phone calls.

Water & Conservation

Riverton is lucky to have extensive water infrastructure and innovative water projects that save the city millions of dollars and increase water conservation for our community. Water is a focus of my service as your councilman. I was chosen by my colleagues on the council to represent Riverton on the board of directors of the Jordan River Commission, an organization of a mix of governmental and non-governmental members working together to enhance, preserve, protect, and responsibly develop the river corridor. I am committed to working with you in finding solutions to our ongoing water issues in our community.

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